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Design Notes is a one-on-one podcast about interface, experience, typography, hand-lettering, VR, feedback, being a designer, building tools for designers, selling fonts, building features, designing emotions, and crafting watch faces.

But it’s about more than that, too - each episode, I sit down with someone involved in the creative process and gather their insights through the lens of their own work.

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16. Visible Design - DESIGN NOTES with Dan Saffer

This time, I got the chance to speak with interaction designer and author Dan Saffer.

In the episode, we dive deep into the theoretical UX questions and principles discussed in Dan's work. From what might make us uncomfortable about cooking a roast from across the planet, to the myth of invisible design, and how we might get a handle on the well of undiscovered functionality offered by voice interaction.

15. The Expressive Palette - DESIGN NOTES with Carla Diana

In this episode I spoke with Carla Diana, a hybrid designer working on smart objects and robots at the intersection of emotional expression and human-computer interaction.

In the episode, we cover the process of translating feelings like stress into lights and sounds, having conversations with autonomous vehicles, and whether our eventual robot companions will experience emotions (and a sense of self) that in any way map onto our own.

14. Humanity Centered - DESIGN NOTES with Airbnb's Steve Selzer

In this episode, I had a chat with Steve Selzer, Experience Design Manager at Airbnb. Originally I met Steve at MCE in Warsaw where he gave a talk on designing friction into products intentionally, an idea that sounds counterintuitive but one that highlights the importance of reflection and self-actualization in every experience.

In the episode we covered the idea of humanity-centered design, how designers can think of themselves and their products in relation to a user's life, and how to avoid a dystopian on-demand future.

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